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Cereals 2009


 Cereals  – the leading technical event for the arable industry will be held on 10th & 11th June 2009

Venue – Vine Farm, Wendy, Nr Royston, Cambs,   

Find our more about the show by clicking here

See some of the highlights from last years show.

Spray Pattern Images – Guardian Air vs. Billericay Bubble Jets

Hypro have released some images of the results carried out in a comparison test of their Guardian Air nozzles, against Billericay Bubble Jets.

Showing the spray pattern on water-sensitive paper, the images show  that the Guardian Air Nozzle produce twice as many spray droplets than its competitor nozzle.

According to Hypro Calculations,  that means 20-30,000 additional droplets per ml of spray at 3-Bar pressure; thus making them so effective and popular.

Much anecdotal evidence has been provided by customers who have switched to Guardian Air Nozzles, and been impressed by the results, and this material will form part of the next batch of Promotional Information from Hypro.

The Images show the nozzles in use at 3,2 and 1 Bar.

Guardian Air Spray Pattern

Guardian Air Spray Pattern

Bubble Jet Spray Pattern

Bubble Jet Spray Pattern


 You can buy both Billericay Bubble Jets and Guardian Air nozzles from Agratech.

Disinfectant Sprayers

Due to Swine Flu, we are experiencing a high volume of requests and orders for Backpack and Compression Sprayers that are suitable for use with disinfectants, for sanitising and hygiene cleansing purposes.

Our range of Goizper Sprayers have Viton seals and will withstand harsher chemicals such as degreasers, disinfectants and truck wash, for example.

The Matabi Style series have Viton closing valves, but we cannot guarantee these sprayers will withstand prolonged use with disinfectant type substances.

Our recommendation is to select from the Goizper range!goizper-sprayer1

Berthoud Raptor sprayers’ enhanced operator focus

INCREASED operator comfort and ease of use are the main aims of Berthoud’s new Raptor self-propelled sprayers, the French manufacturer suggests. As reported in Farmers Guardian, this sprayer will be available in the UK from




Part of the Exel Group, Berthoud emphasises that while the Raptor – replacing its Boxer range – it shares the cab and chassis with sister company Tecnoma’s latest Laser Evolution self-propelled machine, the pump, spraying system and boom is unique to its distinctive pale blue sprayers.

You can read more of the features here.