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Rapid Compost Maker on sale now!

Rapid Composter

Works 4 x quicker than other compost bins.Tough 120g/m2 breathable fabric. 330 litre capacity.

  • Unique ‘pop-up’ design for domestic composting
  • Tight-fitting lid keeps out rain and pests
  • Allows air and moisture to circulate
  • Retains heat
  • Contains and reduces odours
  • Stores flat in the handy carry bag


Find out more and buy here

Garden full of leaves? Jute Leaf Composing sacks now in!

Jute Composting Sacks  are Made from 100% biodegradable vegetable fibre and dyes, decorative, strong and highly practical.

  • Turns fallen leaves into rich, leaf mould compost
  • Loose weave allows effective composting
  • Strong, 100% biodegradable


DEFRA budget cut by 33% in Spending Review

DEFRA, The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is to have its budget cut by up to 33% in the Comprehensive Spending Review:

Defra will reprioritise its spending, focusing tax payer’s money on British farming and food production; enhancing the environment and biodiversity; and supporting a green economy resilient to climate change.

The Department will manage its reductions by:

Maximising the use of matched European funding for the Rural Development Programme for England, enabling a £66m reduction in domestic contributions. This will allow environmental stewardship schemes to remain open to all farmers. Defra will prioritise schemes that will be most beneficial to the environment, increasing the  Higher Level Stewardship Scheme by 80%.

Here is the summary of the comprehensive spending review as applied to DEFRA

Charity Christmas Cards – support British Farmers in need

The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution 2010 Christmas cards available are now – we love the kids colouring in ones!!!

Buy them here (opens RABI order form)

About RABI:

The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) is a grant-making charity that supports members of the farming community facing need, hardship or distress.

We were founded in 1860 and have an unbroken history of providing long-term care
and emergency help. The help is provided for retired farmers, farm workers and working farmers and their families who find themselves in financial difficulties. In 2010 RABI is very proud to be celebrating its 150th anniversary.

#La Nina weather in Oz

According to one #Australian customer: 

The east of Oz is wallowing in mud with bumper crops expected.  It’s a #La Nina weather event and all the iconic rivers are in flood over there, the mighty Murray River flowing like it used to.

What is La Nina?

Read the BBC weather explanation here