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Reminder – Jubilee Bank Holiday Closure

Last call for your orders for the weekend!

Due to the volume of orders currently being processed, we advise that any items required for the Bank Hoilday period should be ordered by Wednesday 30th May.

NO items will be despatched via next day courier services on Friday 1st June and please also note that First class post is not a guaranteed next day service.

Go here to order now!

Say Cheese! A word about “Faulty” items

Ok, we have had lots of complaints, queries and grumbles about faulty items this month and about our policy and procedure in these cases.

Firstly, when you order from us, our terms state that you must report any shortages or damage within 7 days of receiving your parcel. That means, do not telephone in May about an item that we sent you last October.  Our terms also state that if an item that is being delivered by courier is showing obvious signs of transit damage then you can refuse to accept delivery on those grounds. This means that the item will make its way back to us, without any cost to you.

When you report that an item you have received is damaged, we will usually request you to take photographs and email or MMS them to us. So why do we do this? Well, firstly we need to ‘see’ the damage for ourselves. Sometimes we will be able to send you a replacement component in the post, rather than having to collect and resend bulky items via courier services. This in turn keeps our costs down which ultimately keeps the cost of the goods you buy down.

Secondly, the photographs will help us gauge whether we need to claim on the carrier for transit damage, or proceed with a warranty claim via the manufacturer. Sometimes, we can clearly see that we need to bring the item back and replace it completely for you, if the damage is so great.

Sending photographs is cheaper, quicker and allows us to resolve your problems in the shortest possible time, with hopefully the least inconvenience to you. If you buy something from M&S that proves to be faulty, you have to drive or take the bus back to the store, perhaps pay to park and spend time in a customer service queue.  They will not refund or compensate without having the original faulty item back. Which is easiest?
Ultimately, if we just brought back every item, or sent out replacements for everything that was reported damaged but customers refused to supply photographs, then our prices would go up across the board.
We are a small team here, working to get lots of orders out as quickly as possible in order to keep you, our customers, happy and (more importantly) working! So please, if we ask you to take a photo, don’t get snappy – just get snapping! Thank you!

Open Farm Sunday 2012

Now in it’s 7th year, Open Farm Sunday is a fantastic project which has seen hundreds of farmers across the UK opening up their farm for one Sunday each year.

This is a fantastic day for everyone to see and to discover at first hand what it means to be a farmer.                 

Take time to listen to the birds, soak up the scenery, experience the smells of the farmyard and really get in touch with the land that feeds us. So come and feed your senses on Open Farm Sunday.

Each event is unique with its own activities – based around the farm’s own individual story. Activities during the day may include a farm walk, nature trail, tractor and trailer rides, pond dipping, activities for children, a mini farmers market or picnics.

So, whether you are young or old, you should find something to suit you!

This years participating farms are listed here on the Open Farm Sunday Website.

(all images courtesy Open Farm Sunday)

Cereals Event 2012

You can now purchase your tickets for the leading technical event for the arable industry, Cereals 2012 which takes place on Weds 13th & Thurs 14th June.

On the 64ha site, you will have chance to see product and manufacturer stands and live demonstrations including Crop Plots, Working Cultivations, Sprays and Sprayers, Post-Harvest Technology, Business Area, Potatoes and Renewables.

Over 470 leading suppliers come together to update 26,900 visitors on the very latest products, ranging from seeds to sprayers, crop varieties to cultivation equipment, fertilisers to finance.

You can buy your tickets from the Cereals site here        

Poultry and Chicken Vaccine Sprayer

Following numerous enquiries we are pleased to have found a sprayer suitable for the application of Poultry Vaccines.    

Available in a handheld 1.5 litre version and a 5 litre backpack style version, this battery operated sprayer has an operating time of 8 hours.

This sprayer applies small volumes in constant uniform misting and has a choice of 4 nozzles (jets) for varied flow rate and droplet size. The droplet sizes are 70 – 250 Microns, dependant upon your nozzle choice, making it suitable for chicken vaccination, scabies treatments on other livestock and for general disinfectant and insecticide uses.

For more information, Please email