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Special Offer On Hypro Standard Flat FanTips 110 Degrees – Now Only 90p

The Hypro Flat Fan Tip 110 degree is designed for use in crop spraying machines with 1/2 mtr nozzle spacings, but is also widely used in knapsacks and hand held sprayers, as a single spray nozzle.


The Hypro Flat Fan Tip is the most versatile on the market with a fixed droplet spectrum produced over a 2-4 bar pressure range makes it ideal for applications of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and PGR’S.

Special Offer Price: Now Only 90p + vat 

Normal price: £1.50 + VAT


Beware Of Giant Slugs – They Really Have Arrived!

SlugClear 250ml LR LThis year keep an eye out for what has now been nicknamed ‘The Killer Slug’ (Arion vulgaris) which many people believe has been brought to the UK in slad bags that have been shipped here from Spain.

This particular slug can grow up to 22cm long and has the capability to lay around 400 eggs during its life so imagine the impact these slugs could have on our crops and gardens. The slug feasts on plants, snails and also it will eat other slugs so be prepared this year and get your Slugclear Liquid or Slugclear Pellets ready.

The motto of the story is be prepared!

New Range of Feed, Seed & Weed Products Now Available At Agratech

Roundup RTU 5L Pump-Go LRThis season, whether you’re looking for something to feed, weed or seed your lawn, garden or vegetables then look no further than Agratech as we now stock an extensive range of products that are ideal for any gardening activity.

If you need weedkiller the you can choose from a large selection including Roundup Gel, Roundup Ultra 3000, Verdone Extra and Pathclear.

For plant feeding we have a selection of organic products including Miracle-Gro Organic All Purpose Plant Food and Miracle-Gro Gro Your Own Organic Choice Fruit and Vegetable Food.

FM Multi

If you need seed then as well as an extensive choice of grass and lawn seed we also have the newly launched Miracle-Gro Flower Magic Packs in a choice of Multi Colour, Blue and White and Pink and White.

So when you think of gardening products, think of Agratech – you name it, we should have it! We’ve just listed a very small selection of the range of products we now stock so please do visit us and have a look around.

Find your ideal match this Valentines Day!

Here are a selection of products that are a Perfect Match, for Valentines Day and any day! We hope you enjoy our selection and remember you can find our full range of products by going to our website.

We hope you have a lovely day!

Find your Perfect Match for…..

…Paddocks, Estates and Commercial Application

Paddocks & estatesOur selection of ATV Spot Sprayers, Estate Lawn Tractor, Skid Mounted and 3 point linkage sprayers make light work of large areas.

Team with Barclay Gallup Glyphosate for excellent results at economic prices!









…Large Gardens and Labour Saving

Electric and powered sprayers make caring for a large garden a doddle, saving your time (and your back).                      labour saving

Combine withweedkillers and plant care from Scotts Miracle-Gro. A winning partnership for any garden!







…Fence, Deck and Patio Care

          show the woodShow the wood some love! Deck and Fence Magic removes moss and algae from slippery decking and gives you a great  

          clean surface.

         Add a splash of colour or protective treatment using a Cuprinol Sprayer,

            to brighten your garden and extend the life of your fencing, decking and sheds!







None of these your type?!


You will find a sprayer suitable for any use at our website. Remember if you need matchmaking help and advice you can always phone us on

 01706 211399.

Snow Stops Play!! No Despatch Today

Due to the amount of snow that has fallen in the last hour, the road to us is blocked with stuck cars and queuing traffic… it is unlikely that our mail collections will make it to us before we have to leave to collect children from schools closing early.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause you, but it is entirely beyond our control!

Organic Gardening – we have the products for you!

If you are into Organic gardening and grow-your-own, we now have some Soil Association Approved Products just for you:

The Seaweed Extract Plant Growth Stimulant and Natural Fertiliser are approved for organic growing and have proven results for healthier lusher plants and bumper crops of fruit and vegetables!

From MaxiCrop,probably the leading manufacturer of seaweed extracts in the world. This is a quote from their press pack:

With a fifty-year history, farmers, growers, turf managers and gardeners, in over 40 countries worldwide, now use our products.Our bio-stimulant products improve soil and plant productivity, ensuring top performance in a range of diverse situations

We are convinced it will provide you with new growing methods to maximise the full potential of the crops, turf or plants in your care.

Other Maxicrop Products including Tomato care, lawn tonic and moss killer and general plant feed are available and can be seen here!

Crop Watch – a sorry tale!

The outlook for Spring and Autumn crops is a gloomy one, according to the contributors on Crop Watch.      wet-field-3

The wet weather has taken its toll with fields soaked and seed not sown!

Spraying has not been done and weeds are beginning to take hold.

The result could be a shortage of crops and increased prices, ultimately for shoppers!

You can read Crop Watch here.