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Long weekend – closed until 29 July 13

we are taking a day off, and will be closed until Monday 29 July 13.                           Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 17.38.49

You may continue to order via the website any time, day or night and your order

will be processed upon our return.

We will not be taking calls or answering emails!


New Electric Sprayer now in stock

Matabi have launched a new addition to their sprayer range – a new 15L electric sprayer called the E+

This lightweight machine replaces the now discontinued Elegance 18 Electric Sprayer and is a departure from the usual Square tank offering from Matabi as it features a beautifully curved, ergonomically designed tank, padded straps and a new style, more robust trigger with an inbuilt pressure regulator.

The lance is 0.65m with a 0.5m extension included, as well as a cone spray shield and nozzle pack.

Matabi Electric Sprayer E+

Matabi Electric Sprayer E+

These sprayers are new in to us this week so Chris has not had chance to use one yet, but having just assembled the first one for a customer we can

say that we are impressed with the overall look and feel of this sprayer, which at just over £200 inc Vat is by far the least expensive professional electric sprayer on the market.

Read the full product description here and place your order here now!

You can see the who Matabi Sprayer range by clicking here.



Winning Collaborations

It’s so nice when you can put people together, safe in the knowledge that they can create something really great. Kind of like blind-dating for business, and what all good business networking groups strive for.

And so it was with two wonderfully talented friends, Debbie of Fire Creative Branding who I knew had a wonderfully talented bespoke tailor on her client books; and international opera singer Sean Ruane, a man who knows and loves a sharp suit when he wears one!

The result – well if you have seen The Ashes this week, you can’t have failed to see Sean wearing Myles Anthony tailoring whose signature look is a dynamic mix of traditional tweed country wear cuts with contemporary and bespoke detailing.

The look is perfect for both the modern country squire or man about town; whether it’s a suit, jacket or overcoat you are looking for.  And ladies, don’t worry Myles Anthony are happy to make garments for you too! I can’t wait to get mine!!!

Sean Ruane wears Myles Anthony tailoring at The Ashes. Pic credit Phil Brown @dudleyplatypus

Sean Ruane wears Myles Anthony tailoring at The Ashes.
Pic credit Phil Brown @dudleyplatypus

Pesticides, Postage and avoiding problems!

New Regulations introduced by Royal Mail and My Hermes affecting Fertilisers, Weed & Pest Control                           Banned Package

With immediate effect we can no longer send any Weed Killers, Pesticides or products containing Nitrates by Royal Mail, or By My Hermes delivery services.

All pesticides, weedkillers and nitrate containing products can now only be dispatched by carrier delivery services. Whilst we appreciate that some sellers will disregard this change, The Royal Mail has issued stern warnings that any business found posting these items will face prosecution.

Here at Agratech we have found that most customers combine weed killer and a backpack or pressure sprayer purchase, thus paying only one delivery charge, and we recommend that you continue to do so, although of course we are happy to ship stand-alone weed killer purchases, where courier delivery option has been chosen.

We reserve the right to cancel any orders for Weed Killers, Pesticides or other Nitrate containing product where the customer has selected the incorrect postage.

Delivery of trade and industrial chemicals will continue by courier as previously.


Lights, Camera, Action….

Well, it’s been an interesting few weeks here at Agratech.

As we wrote a couple of weeks ago, Chris had helped and supplied a production staging company who wanted to produce a puddle/splash simuator for a product launch!     Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 11.12.34

This ‘product’ was the Skoda Octavia vRS, unveiled this morning at the Goodwood Festival of Speed! Here’s hoping that it all went well for Set Square Staging!

And continuing the water theme, Ann Marie was happy to help with a parts order for the set builders at Punchdrunk, who needed rainfall effects for the National Theatre production of The Drowned Man. 

It’s a welcome distraction from weed spraying, and Chris just loves to do the technical drawings! So, if you need any help with water-based special effects we’d love to help!

Call Chris at Agratech on 01706 211399!