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Garden Pests & Diseases: Slugs

Some Slug facts for you

……Slugs and snails are hermaphrodite, each individual is both male and female, and is able to lay spherical translucent white eggs about 2-3mm across. Eggs are laid in batches of 10 – 50 and can often be found in the soil, in compost heaps and other dark, damp places. Up to about 500 eggs per slug may be laid in a season. They hatch into tiny versions of the adults in 3 weeks to 5 months depending on the time of year.

Slugs and snails can live for up to four years but the lifespan is usually less.          Slug Yuck


In 2013, British gardens were invaded by the Spanish “super slug”  which threatened crops and native species. They can grow up to 6in long and produce 400 eggs each.

Have you thought about your slug solution for this year yet? Find a range here in the Agratech Pest & Disease Control  products. Screen shot 2012-06-12 at 11.53.20


See you at LAMMA?

The show opens bright & early today. If you’re venturing out, have a great day and hope all exhibitors have a fantastically busy and fruitful show!

Screen shot 2014-01-16 at 15.26.45

The show runs from 7.30am – 5.30pm on 22 January and 7.30 – 4.30pm on 23 January, with both car parking and access free of charge.

Photo from the LAMMA show website which is here.

Unseasonally warm weather leads to Rhubarb shortage

Lack of December frost is spelling a potential shortage of Rhubarb for growers in Yorkshire’s  ‘Rhubarb Triange’, with the first crop, due to hit the shops in March, currently at half expected volume.

Screen shot 2014-01-20 at 14.16.54

Of course, the supermarkets will be stocking imported varieties, but Rhubarb aficionados claim that this lacks the subtlety of flavour of the Yorkshire grown fare.  However, fear not, as it seems that later crops have not been similarly affected, so if you love your Rhubarb only when it’s grown in Yorkshire, you may find that you have a little longer to wait this year!

You can read the Telegraph Rhubarb article here.  And Don’t forget you can buy all you need for Home Gardening at Agratech, click here



Spotlight on Cooper Pegler

Now’s the time to check and service your sprayer…

If your sprayer has been stored all winter (we hope you emptied it!) now is the perfect time to give it a good check and service, in readiness for Spring gardening.

Taking your sprayer apart now to check for swollen and damaged seals and internals could save you from leaks down your back later! Check your lance trigger and nozzles for blockages and damage too – we’re always amazed how many people have to order new lances after mice and rats have had a nibble at them! Plastic lances and triggers are susceptible to frost damage if the sprayer has been left with chemical in, and may have hairline splits and cracks.

We sell all parts for Cooper Pegler Sprayers, the parts diagrams are on the website to help you identify what you need, but please give us a call if you need some help.

Find Cooper Pegler at Agratech here


Get Planting Garlic and Shallots Now

garden garlicNow is the perfect time to get planting if you want to harvest your own Garlic and Shallots this summer.

Planting now will ensure that your plants get a good few weeks of cool temperatures needed to get the above ground growing underway.

We love locally based Robinsons website and plenty of new varieties and a very funky website at the Garlic Specialists

extract from The Independent article The Clove Club


‘Concentration Camp’ Farmer Jailed

Cheshire farmer James Stratton was yesterday jailed for 12 months and banned from keeping animals for 10 years, after admitting animal cruelty charges.

Animal Welfare Officers told the court it was the ‘worst case they had ever seen’, after they had made the horrific discovery following an anonymous telephone tip-off.

The full story via the BBC News website, here

Product of the week – Water Butts

It seems that there are lots of you taking advantage of the mild weather by getting your garden prepared for Spring & Summer, and that includes installing a water butt.

Screen shot 2014-01-16 at 15.51.55

Almost half of our orders this week have been for Water Butts, and as our range has items from the little 100L slimline version to the super-sized 250L version, there is something to suit every budget and every garden.

You can  buy water butts with child-proof lids if this is a concern for you, and there are optional stands on most sizes.

We also stock pumps, connector kits and watering timers.

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New WonderWeeder in stock now!

New from Hozelock – a perfect tool for quick, simple and effective spot-weeding on lawns, drives, paths and in flower beds!

The lightweight Hozelock WonderWeeder is now in stock just in time for your early Spring gardening. Just add your choice of weedkiller and away you go!

No need to bend down – The upright design allows weeds to be treated and without the need to constantly bend down

Refillable – No wastage as the product is refillable. Fill up with the weed killer of your choice, remembering to follow the chemical supplier’s instructions and dosing ratio guidelines

Easy to measure – The handy dosing cap located in the base of the handle is graduated from 1ml to 5ml to allow accurate measuring of concentrated weed killing solutions. The transparent grey plastic tube has a 300ml capacity.

Push & Go – The weed killer is easily dispensed by pushing down on the ergonomic handle at the top of the Wonderweeder. Depending on the weedkilling solution being used, one application should be sufficient for most weeds, but two is recommended for larger ones.

Accurate Spraying – It offers accurate spraying via the nozzle located within the protective cone. This avoids the accidental spraying of surrounding plants, which can easily happen with traditional sprayers. The 1 metre length enables the treatment of weeds in hard to reach areas

For Safety – The easy-to-twist safety lock mechanism offers peace of mind for when the unit is stored away. For additional safety the Wonderweeder should be stored out of reach of children.

 We first saw this product a few years ago, under a professional sprayer brand, and we are pleased to see that it has now been added to the Hozelock range where it is sure to be a big hit this year.
Order yours now by clicking here, and don’t forget to order your weedkiller at the same time from our selection here.

Government commit £millions to new woodlands

The Government is to invest £30m to plant 4 million new trees as they look to create 2000 hectares   Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 15.20.25of new woodlands and place 200,000 ha into protected status.

The move will support existing landowners in their forestry work, and will create jobs and provide growth support for the forestry industry in the UK which already contributes  around £230 million GVA ( figure from 2010, an increase of 52% since 2008)

More can be found on Defra’s pages here

You can also read the WoodlandTrust’s response to the plans on their website,  here

Food and Farming Awards 2014

It’s that time of year again…..

BBC Radio 4 have announced the categories for this years Food & Farming Awards, the 14th such event.

The 14th BBC Food and Farming Awards celebrate the best of British food and those companies and individuals who grow, make and supply it. Nominations close at midnight on Monday 27th January 2014.

We have a couple of local favourites in mind, especially the Yorkshire Gin that MrsL discovered at the Country Living Fair; but who will you vote for…?

You can see the categories and nominations on the Radio 4 Website here.

Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 15.43.59