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Need to check your spray pattern?!

Pentair Hypro Syngenta Water Sensitive Paper


Check your spray pattern and coverage quickly and easily with this special water sensitive paper. Use as an aid to ensure your spray is reaching all parts of the crop, especially on dense crops, and vines.

Water sensitive paper can be used for checking spray distribution droplet density from aerial and ground spray applications and droplet sizing. Overdosing is a waste of product. With herbicides it might result in crop damage and claim. With insecticides, underdosing might not kill the pest. Calibrate the sprayer and check the spray pattern.*

Available to buy in packs of 50 sheets, each sheet  76mmx26mm.

Buy direct from the website here.


*Extract from Syngenta Product literature which also features a user guide, pdf version is here (external company link)

New Cuprinol Spray and Brush Sprayer

Perfect for Deck, Fence and Shed painting

  • The Cuprinol Spray & Brush sprayer is a manully pressurised sprayer
  • The canister is pressurised via manual pumping, which then facilitates the spray action which can be controlled by a trigger
  • Easy to use with a 5 Ltr capacity
  • Fence panels can be treated in 5 minutes
  • Spares and replacement parts available

You can purchase the Spray and Brush Sprayer here, and other Cuprinol Sprayers and parts are here on our website.


Now Available: Liquid Fertiliser Cap O Rings

Due to popular demand, we now have spare O Rings to fit all sizes of Hypro FC-ESI Fascap Fertiliser Nozzles as listed below. Available in a pack of 10 only from Agratech by clicking here.

Hypro FC-ESI Fascap Fertiliser Nozzle O Rings

Hypro FC-ESI Fascap Fertiliser Nozzle O Rings

Will fit these Hypro FC-ESI Fascap Fertiliser Nozzles:

015 Dark Green
02 Yellow
03 Ultra Blue
04 Red
05 Brown
06 Grey
08 White
10 Light Blue
15 Light Green

Hypro Nozzles FC-ESI Liquid Fertiliser Cap Spare O Rings 10 Pack

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You can find the FC-ESI Fascap Fertiliser Nozzles by clicking here

New Sprayer Tank Lids, Filters & Vents

We have been busy adding some new products to the website, including several sizes of Sprayer Tank Lids, basket filters, lids vents, sealing rings and gaskets!

Please note that some sizes of lids are for carrier delivery only, as they are too large for Royal Mail first class postage delivery.

You can find the full range of lids by clicking through to the website here

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 20.01.34

Could your shed be the star of the show?

Ok, it’s still gloomy and cold but if you’re thinking about spring gardening, you may also be planning a quick shed spruce-up or a fast coat of paint on the old fence and deck!

Before you start, give your paint sprayer and quick service and repair, to get it as good as new! And to help, Agratech are now stocking the parts and spares for the Cuprinol range of deck and fence paint sprayers, including new Paint nozzles and assembly, filters, triggers, hoses and more! Everything you need to get your sprayer working in perfectly so you can breeze through your job list. – click here to see the Cuprinol range

Shed & Fence3

And, if you think your Shed is simply brilliant, why not enter the Shed of The Year 2016 competition? You can find more details by clicking here. You can see entries so far here, and previous winners here!

Quick link to Cuprinol Garden Sprayers and Parts here

Back in stock – Matabi Pressure Regulator

Today sees the long-awaited return of the Matabi Knapsack Sprayer Pressure Regulator to our store!

This item will fit all Matabi, Inter and Osatu sprayers made by Goizper, and is supplied as standard with many Matabi, Osatu and Inter branded sprayers.

The overall advantage of this item is that controlled and even application can be carried achieved by using this Constant Pressure Regulating Valve for all your spraying operations

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 16.00.42

It can be used as A 1- Bar or a 3- Bar pressure regulator, or in the Free-flowing option without removal from the lance assembly, thus avoiding contamination ingress. This is a simple twist to of the bottom black part anti clockwise to allow Free-flow!

Limited stock of this popular accessory – buy yours now from Agratech



New Cooper Pegler Sprayer

Introducing the new Cooper Pegler 20 Ltr CP3 Injected 20L Sprayer

This sprayer is almost identical in function to the Original Cooper Pegler Classic Series but has a new style Injection Moulded tank with integral base and the new “Comfort Style ” padded straps. This allows the user to work for many hours without discomfort.

Cooper Pegler CP3 injected sprayer

This sprayer brand has proven to be a most robust and accurate sprayer well suited for pesticide application under very harsh conditions. The are no direct friction surfaces so it is easy to pump. This model incorparates the new “Comfort” Straps.

The Cooper Pegler CP3 Injected sprayer has a diaphagm type pump assembly that is identical the trusted Classic range of sprayers. The Adjustable pressure relief valve inside the tank limits the pressure to approx. 1 Bar, recommended for herbicides, and approx. 3 Bar, recommended for fungicides and insecticides. The excess liqiud simply returns to the tank. It is also simple to use. The spray tank is not pressurised and spraying is controlled from the trigger valve.

Nozzles included, 1 x Green Reflex nozzle, 1 x Yellow Hollow Cone Nozzle and a 250 ml graduated measuring cup.

All Cooper Pegler Accessories are compatible with this sprayer

You can purchase this sprayer from Agratech, The Sprayer Specialists here

The rest of the Cooper Pegler Sprayer range is here

New Products Added: ARAG Sprayer and Pump Parts

Chris has been busy adding ARAG products to the website, due to popular request.

These items include threaded and clamp style nozzle holders, Arag ceramic nozzles, and pump & mini-pump filter assemblies, and many more!

Arag Parts Overview

You can find the Arag nozzle holders, caps and nozzles on the website here

And you can find Arag pump parts here

There are still some parts to list, so if you are looking for an Arag product that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Defy 3D Nozzles launched & available from stock!

Control Grassweed and reduce drift with the new Syngenta Defy3D Nozzles – Now available from stock with FREE SHIPPING*

An evolved version of the 2004 “Hawk” spraytip and the later “Defy”, the Defy 3D nozzle launched late August 2015 and is claimed to help improve Grassweed control and reduce spray drift.

Syngenta application expert Ben Magri says the Defy nozzle has now been trumped by the new Defy 3D, further improving coverage and reducing drift by a huge 60-75% over the standard flat fan, depending on nozzle size.

“Although the Defy was very good, the coefficient of variation – or evenness of spray – along the boom when alternating forward and backwards wasn’t as good as it could be.

“You would get the “rugby ball” effect, whereas the new 3D nozzle gives perfect 50-50 distribution between front and back and was the main reason for the redesign,” explains Mr Magri.

In Syngenta trials the improved nozzle performance has equated to a 6% improvement in blackgrass control when using a Liberator + Defy pre-emergence herbicide stack in 100 litres/ha of water.

Defy 3D Nozzle trial pic

Defy 3D in numbers

Sizes available 03, 035, 04, 05, 06, 08

Operating pressure range 0.7-3 bar

Optimum pressure 2-2.5 bar

Optimum speed 12-14kph

Optimum boom height 50-75cm

You can order the Defy 3D Nozzles, and the correct caps from Agratech here.

*Free Shipping is a limited time offer, and applied at time of writing.

Source Syngenta Press Release / Farmers Weekly - full article




New Product: Matabi IK Foaming Nozzle

Matabi IK Foaming nozzles are specifically manufactured for the generation of dry and long lasting foam. Designed for use with chemical agents with surfactant properties (surface active).

IK-Foam-Nozzle-380 Foaming Nozzle in Use


The Matabi IK FOAM nozzles range provides the user a dense and durable foam suitable for cleaning and disinfecting upholstery and carpets, disinfecting bathrooms and changing rooms, kitchens and food processing stations, car washes etc.

Available in 2 sizes and will fit all IK, Matabi, Inter, and Osatu sprayers manufactured by Goizper.

Buy them directly from Agratech by clicking here.