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New & Improved Website – Cooper Pegler Products

We’ve made some changes to our website, to make your shopping easier!

We are constantly trying to improve the website, in order for our customers to be able to find the items that they need more quickly and easily.

In the latest tweak, we have added our best selling Cooper Pegler range to the menu bar, and clicking this will take you to a dedicated section for all things Cooper Pegler – from the latest Electric Knapsack sprayer to the tiniest of spare parts.

Screen shot 2015-02-24 at 12.03.32

We hope that this shortcut makes it easier to find the items that you need, but if you need help identifying a part, remember that the parts diagrams are on there too. And if that still doesn’t solve your query, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to help!

Check out the new Cooper Pegler section here

Prosper & Grow with Organic

A new event, ‘Prosper and Grow with Organic’ has been announced, as part of the Organic Trade Board’s (OTB’s) campaign to increase organic sales in the UK.

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 16.11.48

The event, which is to be held on 4 March at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) venue in London W1, will focus on how Organic can increase retail growth, expanding choice for consumers and considering what makes your customers choose organic anyway.

Industry expert speaker Claus Juel-Jensen, CEO of Netto Denmark  will explain how organic lines have played a big part in the growth and success of Netto – a discounter.

Whilst Klaus Arntz, Executive Vice President of Wessanen, will be showing how Wessanen’s brands such as Kallo, Clipper, Bjorg and others are delivering growth to retailers across the EU.

There are further details here, along with booking information, on The Organic Trade Board’s website.

And to see more diverse events held at RIBA, look at their website, here


Farmings 2020 Vision

Suffolk FWAG will concentrate on the industry 2020 vision at its Spring Conference to be held on Friday 13th February.

FWAG,The Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group, has branches across the UK. These groups have helped British farmers for over four decades by providing trusted, independent environmental advice.


The Suffolk Group kick off the conference season with an indepth look at how agriculture will meet its targets on issues such as water quality, farmland birds, pollinators and long term sustainability.

It will also question whether a  new CAP, a new Countryside Stewardship Scheme, the introduction of greening and EFA’s will actually help farmers deliver increased environmental benefits whilst still  running a profitable, sustainable business? Are the new policies, regulations and schemes an improvement on the old ones?

You can find more details about FWAG via their website, and details of the Suffolk group Spring Conference is here.

New Product: Matabi IK Foaming Nozzle

Matabi IK Foaming nozzles are specifically manufactured for the generation of dry and long lasting foam. Designed for use with chemical agents with surfactant properties (surface active).

IK-Foam-Nozzle-380 Foaming Nozzle in Use


The Matabi IK FOAM nozzles range provides the user a dense and durable foam suitable for cleaning and disinfecting upholstery and carpets, disinfecting bathrooms and changing rooms, kitchens and food processing stations, car washes etc.

Available in 2 sizes and will fit all IK, Matabi, Inter, and Osatu sprayers manufactured by Goizper.

Buy them directly from Agratech by clicking here.

Upcoming Farming & Renewables Events

Farming Futures have an extensive list of forthcoming events around the country to explore and find practical solutions to issues around climate change and the future of farming. Topics include renewable energy generation, precision farming, livestock emissions, nutrient management, and water management.

Farming Futures snip

You can find the event list on the informative Farming Futures Website – link here

Image from Farming Futures website

Spotlight on: Electric Sprayers

In the first of our series of “spotlight” features, designed to give you a brief overview of specific products across all our ranges, today we’ll look at Electric Sprayers.

Ideal if you have a work-intensive large garden, allotment or paddock, electric sprayers are the ultimate in labour-saving garden equipment. As the sprayer will do all the work for you, with no need to pump, electric sprayers are also very beneficial to those who have suffered arm or shoulder injuries, or the more mature gardener!


We have electric sprayers available in Knapsack or Trolley Versions, and from several manufacturers including Matabi, Berthoud, Cooper Pegler and Enduramaxx; as well as a powered fence sprayer from Cuprinol

You can all our Powered Sprayer options, including the ones featured above by clicking here

WineRobot aids Wine Production

A robot developed by a consortium of European Wine Producers is set to help provide fast, reliable and objective information to the vineyard managers, to ultimately improve yield and productivity, but will not replace the human eye and taste!

“Robotics and precision agriculture provide producers with powerful tools in order to improve the competitiveness of their farms. Robots like the one we are developing within this project will not substitute the vine grower, but will facilitate their work….It has several advantages including the ability to predict grape production or its degree of ripeness in order to immediately assess its quality without touching it,” said Javier Tardaguila, project manager and researcher at the University of La Rioja, and Francisco Rovira, researcher at the Agricultural Robotics Laboratory of the UPV.

There is a fuller article in Science Daily