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Looking for a powered sprayer?

It seems that many of you are looking for powered sprayers this season, with demand very sadly outstripping supply.

Our previous most popular powered sprayers, from Berthoud, the electric backpack and the electric trolley sprayer,  are both currently off the market (withdrawn by the manufacturer), with no return date known; and the versatile and economic Enduramaxx 34L push along sprayer is sadly unavailable until mid May!

In order to meet customer requirements, we have sourced some alternative products that are available for immediate delivery and upon our first inspection, we are impressed with the quality and build standard of these Marolex sprayers.

Of course, we need to do some product testing and some more photographs to show these sprayers in action, but that will have to wait until we are a little less busy!.   In the meantime, you can see more information about the 12 litre battery Knapsack sprayer and the 20 litre cart trolley sprayer   and purchase from the website here!

We will of course make the Berthoud and Enduramaxx Sprayers available for purchase once we have them back in stock!


Spotlight on: Electric Sprayers

In the first of our series of “spotlight” features, designed to give you a brief overview of specific products across all our ranges, today we’ll look at Electric Sprayers.

Ideal if you have a work-intensive large garden, allotment or paddock, electric sprayers are the ultimate in labour-saving garden equipment. As the sprayer will do all the work for you, with no need to pump, electric sprayers are also very beneficial to those who have suffered arm or shoulder injuries, or the more mature gardener!


We have electric sprayers available in Knapsack or Trolley Versions, and from several manufacturers including Matabi, Berthoud, Cooper Pegler and Enduramaxx; as well as a powered fence sprayer from Cuprinol

You can all our Powered Sprayer options, including the ones featured above by clicking here