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New Hozelock Garden Equipment & Fittings

We have expanded our range of #Hozelock Products to include the micro irrigation kit, micro misting nozzles, spray guns and much more.

The RHS Chelsea award winning garden product, the Flexi Spray is proving to be popular, as are the mirco irrigation kits!

You can see our full Hozelock range here!


RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year

The winning RHS Chelsea Gardn Product of the Year 2013 is the Hozelock Flexi Spray, available to buy from Agratech.

The Flexi Spray is an innovative hose end attachment with a multitude of uses and spray patterns designed to be moulded into an array of shapes to perform a wide range of watering functions, the Flexi Spray’s Key Benefits are:

•Long reach spray gun: Easily water your pots, containers and boarders with minimal effort and water wastage.

•Hanging basket waterer: Extend your reach by 60cm to water those hard to reach areas by transforming the Flexi Spray into an effective hanging basket watering device.                             Screen shot 2013-05-22 at 15.54.30

•Sprinkler: Water your lawn with ease by creating a wide area sprinkler capable of covering up to 69m2.

•Hands free watering: For the occasion when you need to give a specific plant or area a good watering the Flexi Spray can be conveniently moulded and left to water on its own.

•Flow control & 3 stage trigger: Provides you with complete control of water delivery, meaning happily watered plants and minimal water wastage.

4 spray patterns:

•Rose- high definition metal rose for gentle watering

•Jet- for high power cleaning

•Fast fill- for filling buckets and watering cans

•Sprinkler- for wide area watering

Compatable with all types of 1/2” size hose quick fit connectors

You can  buy the Flexi Hose and other Hozelock products here


Now Stocking Hozelock Products

Due to popular demand, we are now stocking a selection of Hozelock products.

Hozelock are one of the most trusted manufacturers of Garden watering, spraying and aquatic accessories, and the products are sold worldwide.

One of the most innovative companies in this market, Hozelock are constantly striving to devlelop new products in response to consumer demand and changing environmental & climate conditions.

A perfect example of this is the Aqua Control Pro electronic water timer; a technologically advanced automatic garden water timer that has a choice of four programming modes, and can also be linked directly to a remote Rain Sensor, which means when rain is detected it automatically overrides the watering programme; saving your water and ensuring that your garden does not get over-watered. These timers can be set in any one of eight languages.

Our selection of Hozelock items will increase as the gardening season begins in earnest so please keep checking back. Just for now though you will find Garden pressure and Knapsack sprayers, Micro Irrigation and automatic watering kits, spray lances and guns, hose connectors, water butt pumps and the electronic water timers as detailed above.

You can see and buy from the Agratech Website by clicking here