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Organic Gardening – we have the products for you!

If you are into Organic gardening and grow-your-own, we now have some Soil Association Approved Products just for you:

The Seaweed Extract Plant Growth Stimulant and Natural Fertiliser are approved for organic growing and have proven results for healthier lusher plants and bumper crops of fruit and vegetables!

From MaxiCrop,probably the leading manufacturer of seaweed extracts in the world. This is a quote from their press pack:

With a fifty-year history, farmers, growers, turf managers and gardeners, in over 40 countries worldwide, now use our products.Our bio-stimulant products improve soil and plant productivity, ensuring top performance in a range of diverse situations

We are convinced it will provide you with new growing methods to maximise the full potential of the crops, turf or plants in your care.

Other Maxicrop Products including Tomato care, lawn tonic and moss killer and general plant feed are available and can be seen here!

Soil Association response to court of appeal decision in Georgina Downs’ pesticide case

Bateman Refurb 015Peter Melchett, Policy Director at the Soil Association said:


“Whatever the court of appeal says, the fact is UK regulation of pesticide spraying does not take into account the safety of schools or families living next to sprayed fields. These residents are subject to repeated doses of chemical sprays.  Before today’s judgement, the National Farmers Union had admitted that farmers will have to take more care of the wellbeing of their neighbours, whatever the courts decide. The best way farmers can do this is to move to farming systems that don’t require dangerous chemicals to produce our food.”

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