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Closure Reminder – Thurs & Friday

Just  a little reminder that we will be closed Thursday 13th & Friday 14th March due to our attendance at the Red Rose Business Awards.

No calls or emails will be answered and no items will be despatched on these days.

Order now for items required for end of week via the website www.agratech.co.uk


Red Rose Awards Ceremony

Red Rose Awards Ceremony

Christmas Closures

trendy xmas 2

We will be closing at 3.30pm Thursday 20th December, orders placed up to 2pm will be despatched that day.

Last posting date for Christmas is Tuesday 18th December and we suggest you choose Next Day Courier or Special Delivery.  We cannot guarantee delivery for Christmas after this date.

Changes due to adverse weather etc  will be notified on our Twitter, Facebook and Blog pages.

We would like to thank you for your continued business and we wish you a Very Merry Christmas & a Happy, Prosperous New Year.

 We look forward to serving you again from 2 January 2013

Online ordering has been suspended….

….due to essential server maintenance, online ordering has been suspended today. Orders received to this point will be held in the system but you will be unable to place new orders.
There will be no next day courier service today.
We apologise for this inconvenience.

Thanks, the Agratech team

Beat the Price Increases & Holiday Closure News

Order now to beat 1st September price increases across major brands….                                                                                             

We are having a holiday….

Click here to read the full article

Staffing 26 June to 29 June

Due to staffing issues on the above dates, we advise that you place your order via the website where possible.                    

Where you call and need some technical or sales advice our call team will take your message, for us to respond later.

For the fastest reply, please provide an email address so that we can supply you with website product or information link.

Please be aware that on the above dates, it may not be possible to respond to your call in person within 24 hours  but we will do our best to ensure that emails are sent within that time.

Alternatively, please email in the first instance to [email protected]


Many thanks


Say Cheese! A word about “Faulty” items

Ok, we have had lots of complaints, queries and grumbles about faulty items this month and about our policy and procedure in these cases.

Firstly, when you order from us, our terms state that you must report any shortages or damage within 7 days of receiving your parcel. That means, do not telephone in May about an item that we sent you last October.  Our terms also state that if an item that is being delivered by courier is showing obvious signs of transit damage then you can refuse to accept delivery on those grounds. This means that the item will make its way back to us, without any cost to you.

When you report that an item you have received is damaged, we will usually request you to take photographs and email or MMS them to us. So why do we do this? Well, firstly we need to ‘see’ the damage for ourselves. Sometimes we will be able to send you a replacement component in the post, rather than having to collect and resend bulky items via courier services. This in turn keeps our costs down which ultimately keeps the cost of the goods you buy down.

Secondly, the photographs will help us gauge whether we need to claim on the carrier for transit damage, or proceed with a warranty claim via the manufacturer. Sometimes, we can clearly see that we need to bring the item back and replace it completely for you, if the damage is so great.

Sending photographs is cheaper, quicker and allows us to resolve your problems in the shortest possible time, with hopefully the least inconvenience to you. If you buy something from M&S that proves to be faulty, you have to drive or take the bus back to the store, perhaps pay to park and spend time in a customer service queue.  They will not refund or compensate without having the original faulty item back. Which is easiest?
Ultimately, if we just brought back every item, or sent out replacements for everything that was reported damaged but customers refused to supply photographs, then our prices would go up across the board.
We are a small team here, working to get lots of orders out as quickly as possible in order to keep you, our customers, happy and (more importantly) working! So please, if we ask you to take a photo, don’t get snappy – just get snapping! Thank you!

We are at Cereals 15th & 16th June

The  @cerealsevent takes place this wednesday and Thursday. No orders will be deapatched on these days. 

Thanks, as ever, for your patience.

You can find out more about Cereals by clicking here


Logo courtesy Cereals event