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WineRobot aids Wine Production

A robot developed by a consortium of European Wine Producers is set to help provide fast, reliable and objective information to the vineyard managers, to ultimately improve yield and productivity, but will not replace the human eye and taste!

“Robotics and precision agriculture provide producers with powerful tools in order to improve the competitiveness of their farms. Robots like the one we are developing within this project will not substitute the vine grower, but will facilitate their work….It has several advantages including the ability to predict grape production or its degree of ripeness in order to immediately assess its quality without touching it,” said Javier Tardaguila, project manager and researcher at the University of La Rioja, and Francisco Rovira, researcher at the Agricultural Robotics Laboratory of the UPV.

There is a fuller article in Science Daily

Vote for Agricultural Student of the Year

There are just a few days of voting left for this years Farmers Guardian Student of the Year Competition.

The shortlisted candidates hopeful of winning the coveted title and a prize including an International Rural Placement from AgriVenture, are:

Chris Acaster, Laura Burnett, Tom Coate, Emma Fairweather, James Miller, James Wadland and Joseph Williams.

You can read more about the finalists and vote for your favourite via the Farmers Guardian.Voting closes 2 March!

Credit Farmers Guardian.
You can learn more about AgriVenture International Placements on their website - click here