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New: Hypro Syngenta Defy 3D Angled Spraytip Nozzles Fascap Version

Available to order now, the Hypro Syngenta Defy 3D Nozzle Fascap version – which means it is supplied with Integral EF3-Euro fitting self aligning nozzle cap and seal. Delivery time is 3-7 days from order.

Sold in sets of 50 x nozzles of single colour option, colours cannot be mixed and matched to make up the 50 nozzles.
Sizes 015 Green, 02 Yellow, 025 Lilac, 03 Blue, 035 Brown Red, 04 Red 05 Brown, 06 Grey and 08 White available from our website here.

This video shows more about the 3D Defy Nozzles.

The 3D Defy Nozzle was specifically engineered to effectively deliver pre-emergence herbicides to autumn and spring seedbeds
Angled nozzle, designed to run alternating forwards and backwards along the boom to give an even coverage on the front and back of targets
One of the most even distributions on the market, with a coefficient of variance of <5%
Perfect 3D coverage in all directions; tailored drop spectrum to give maximum efficacy for grassweed control
60%-75% less drift (size dependent) compared to a conventional flat fan nozzle giving a greater number of spray days
Increased efficiency means increased efficacy through more timely application of DEFY.
Allows you go to at the best time to control weeds, rather than the best weather conditions
Operating pressure range: 0.7-3 bar
Optimum pressure: 2-2.5 bar
Optimum speed: 12-14kph
Optimum boom height: 50-75cm

3D Defy Fascap Order via the website here 

The standard 3D Defy Nozzle is on our website here

We also sell a 3D Defy nozzle with nozzle cap and seal on our website here