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Garden Leaf Collectors, Bin and Composting Sack Offer

                                                              Bundle offer for your Autumn Leaf clearing tasks!

Comprises a pair of leaf collectors, pop-up garden bag and compost sacks….. More info from the website here

Rapid Compost Maker on sale now!

Rapid Composter

Works 4 x quicker than other compost bins.Tough 120g/m2 breathable fabric. 330 litre capacity.

  • Unique ‘pop-up’ design for domestic composting
  • Tight-fitting lid keeps out rain and pests
  • Allows air and moisture to circulate
  • Retains heat
  • Contains and reduces odours
  • Stores flat in the handy carry bag


Find out more and buy here

Garden full of leaves? Jute Leaf Composing sacks now in!

Jute Composting Sacks  are Made from 100% biodegradable vegetable fibre and dyes, decorative, strong and highly practical.

  • Turns fallen leaves into rich, leaf mould compost
  • Loose weave allows effective composting
  • Strong, 100% biodegradable