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A farm diversification project that’s a real (Gin and) tonic!

Warner Edwards Gin was meant to be a part-time project, a fill-in for the down-season in Lavender Essential Oil production. However, three years and some heavy research later, old friends

Pic Courtesy Warner Edwards Website

Pic Courtesy Warner Edwards Website

Tom Warner and Sion Edwards have a product to be proud of!

Realising  from the outset that their biggest selling point would be the provenance of their product, the pair distill and bottle the Gin at the farm premises and use Spring Water from one of the Northamptonshire farm fields.

The product has super-strong branding and has been taken up by leading food and drink retailers including Fortnum & Mason and Harvey Nichols, with the pair sticking to a plan to find the right person in the right store and to approach them directly.

There are plans for fruit flavoured Gins to come, we can’t wait to try them!

You can see a full story here on farmers Weekly Interactive. 

The Warner Edwards Website is here, and you can buy the Gin online, too – quick pass the credit card!