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Problems at checkout?

Due to recent updates in the Sage Pay Credit Card processing system, some customers using older Windows Browsers are having problems at checkout. This is frequently displaying as an error which says it cannot connect you to the sage pay (credit card input screen).

Unfortunately, this is beyond our control as we have been provided this explanation by Sage Pay:

“SagePay stopped supporting  (some) browsers…
It actually means that customers using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6/8 will not be able to pay their orders via SagePay.
Customers should consider upgrading their operating system or downloading a different internet browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox”

credit card payment image

If you are running an old browser  you may find this problem on lots of online stores, so It could be time to update your browser.

You can find information about updating windows browsers at Windows.com

You can find information about google chrome here

You can find information about firefox here 

Of course, you can always pay by Paypal – and you can use your credit/debit card via Paypal, too.