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Affected by Flooding? Emergency Kits available

If you’ve been affected by flooding, our emergency emergency flood kit might be just the thing you

Flood Kit Emergency Water Pump

Flood Kit Emergency Water Pump


The kit comprises an engine driven water pump, which is ideal for pumping away water in an outdoor environment.

The flood water pump is combined with all of the necessary accessories required to aid floor recovery, including lay flat delivery hose and sand bags to soak up any additional water. Thanks to its petrol engine, these emergency water pumps require no mains power, which is often not available in areas hit by extreme flooding.

This sturdy flood pump kit is therefore a vital item needed for flood clean up, and should be a standard piece of equipment kept by those in flood risk areas.

  • 1” 4 stroke petrol engine driven flood water pump
  • 1” x 9m PVC wire braided suction hose
  • 10m lay flat delivery hose
  • 4 x sand bags for absorbing additional water
  • Plastic carry box

The kit is available here