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Deck Envy!

The problem with spending your morning looking at Decking Sprayers and editing videos, is that you wander off on a quick websearch of garden decks, and then spend your tea break wondering how you can make your own garden so lovely!

Here are some beautiful garden decks, just so you can see what I mean:

A good way to spend a hour daydreaming, especially if you are snowed in.

And for when the dreams turn into plans, and job lists, remember you can buy your deck   sprayer from us!

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Planning a Spring Paint Job? – Cuprinol Sprayers and Spare Parts

Due to popular demand, we have a small selection of Cuprinol Sprayers and spare parts added to the website.

Cuprinol sprayers make fence and deck painting an easy, almost effortless task, and there’s a great range of paints and treatments that are suitable for use with your sprayer readily available in good DIY stores.

Watch these videos to see just how easy it could be to transform your garden fence or deck!

[youtube=http://youtu.be/2tLF47DfJ54]  [youtube=http://youtu.be/mFjuMS11DpI]

We hope to add to this range soon, so please keep checking!

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Your Garden Makeover just got easier!