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IK Alkaline Sprayer – perfect for cleaning and disinfection applications.

IK Alkaline Sprayer – ideal for cleaning and disinfection applications

Available to buy now from Agratech, this sprayer is perfect for graffiti removal, deep cleaning, sanitising, disinfecting and degreasing applications. Buy it here

  • The sprayer seals, materials and hose are resistant to alkaline substances, alcohols, acetones and all kinds of chemical agents used in the world of disinfection and cleaning.
  • Safety valve at 3 bar with depressurisation option.
  • Translucent tank with level indicator.
  • Funnel built into the tank.
  • Metal handle for opening and closing.
  • Filter in the lance.
  • Hose roller.
  • Possible adaptation of 50 cm extension.
  • Strap for carrying across the back.
  • Adjustable conic nozzle.
  • Kit of two adjustable nozzles and elbow with spare fan nozzle.
  • For the purposes of covering all alkaline, alcohol and ketone products, two lances are included: Stainless steel and plastic. Refer to product instructions on how to process certain chemical products with each lance.

There is a chemical compatibility list on the product description on our website.

Get your IK Alkaline Sprayer from Agratech here


Disinfectant Sprayers

Due to Swine Flu, we are experiencing a high volume of requests and orders for Backpack and Compression Sprayers that are suitable for use with disinfectants, for sanitising and hygiene cleansing purposes.

Our range of Goizper Sprayers have Viton seals and will withstand harsher chemicals such as degreasers, disinfectants and truck wash, for example.

The Matabi Style series have Viton closing valves, but we cannot guarantee these sprayers will withstand prolonged use with disinfectant type substances.

Our recommendation is to select from the Goizper range!goizper-sprayer1