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If you own a Farm, Golf Course, Holiday Let or any commercial property you need to read this….

Capital Allowances – Don’t Miss the Opportunity!

Do you own a farm, estate, golf course or any type of commercial property? You may qualify for a considerable tax benefit, and even a rebate from HMRC by claiming the capital allowances that exist within your property.


This is something the Government won’t tell you about

and your Accountant may need specialist help to prepare.


We are pleased to be working with Craig Robinson from Portal Tax Claims who are the market leaders specialising in the provision of HMRC compliant reports that result in claims for capital allowances and they have 100% success rate.

What are Capital Allowances?


Capital allowances are claimed on the cost of plant and machinery existing within a commercial property. Claims are made against taxable income and can considerably reduce an owner’s tax liability. Even if your Accountant has made a claim on your behalf they may have missed some valuable elements that will put money in your pocket.

However it is highly unlikely that an owner or their accountant will have claimed these allowances. Research has shown that 96% of commercial properties have not had these claims made on them, mainly because this is a very specialised area which requires a qualified RICS surveyor and someone who knows how to present an HMRC compliant report. Portal Tax Claims have submitted approaching 2000 claims with a 100% success rate. It is important to realise that submitting a claim does not mean anyone from the HMRC will call and we work WITH your Accountant not against them.

Capital allowances have been in UK statute since 1878 so this is not a loophole. It is the legal right of an owner to claim them, but the Government is going expected big changes to the Finance Bill early next year which could dramatically reduce the amount you can claim. In fact earlier this year they HALVED the refund you could have claimed, guess what almost no one noticed because most people are unaware of the Act so they ‘got away’ with it.

How do Portal Tax Claims Help?


We provide a free meeting to assess qualification and evaluate potential allowances.

The report, including survey, is produced at our own expense with no up-front charges or add-ons. This means there is no risk to find out how much you could claim.

If we identify less than £25,000 of allowances in a property valued at £200,000 or more our report is free of charge. We operate fee structures to suit client circumstances.

So grab this opportunity NOW before the Government cuts it again!

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