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New Product: Fertiliser Dribble Bars

For Simple, Safe, Accurate and Economic Liquid Fertiliser Application –           BFS Dribble bars

The BFS dribble bar from Billericay Farm Services, is a simple to use dribble bar, requiring no changes of inserts or removal from boom to change application rate

Accuratley applies liquid fertiliser through four equally-spaced openings along the bar

The application rate can be pre-set to one of five different flow rates by a simple fingertip adjustment of the flow control dial, and these flow rates can be easily altered in the field without metering discs or removing the Dribble bar

Accurate: Allows precision targeting of liquid fertiliser, eradicates application overlap, and reduces lodging

Effective:Provides an efficient and flexible method of application under a wide range of climatic and ground conditions

Economic: Offers increased speed, more effient utilisation of men and machines and saves on cost by reducing waste

Safe: Removes risk of spray drift contamination, eliminates field run-off to ditches and hedgerows and minimises crop scorch

 The BFS Autostreamer Liquid Fertiliser Dribble Bar is a new innovation from the BFS technical team

Following a detailed analysis of liquid application and the commisioning of exhaustive trials, both the engineering laboratory and in the field, BFS has developed a unique liquid fertiliser applicator that offers both simplicity in its operation and accuracy in use

The BFS Autostreamer is a ‘Perfect Partner’ with the in-cab spray rate controller

To ensure the accurate appliaction of liquid fertiliser the operator has only to enter the litre per hectare required, factor in the specific gravity (SG) and begin to spray

Changing the application rate is equally simple and undertaken from within the cab

The autostreamer is manufactured in chemical resistant ABS plastic and is easily fitted to all boom sprayers

These dribble bars are compatable with a variety of fittings, see full website listings for more details. You will find all Dribble Bars adn Fertiliser Caps here on our website.

AutoStreamer revolutionises liquid fertiliser application

Now in stock at Agratech, the Auto Streamer is Billericay Farm Services’ new variable rate nozzle system for liquid fertiliser applications.

 Using a clever quad-valve system encased in rubber, the Auto Streamer allows a ten-fold increase in flow rates to be achieved from using only a three-fold increase in pressure.

 As a result, application rates can be varied from 60 to 600 litres/ha at 12kph using a suitable GPS rate controller without the need to ever change nozzle sizes.

 The Auto Streamer costs £28.50 per nozzle assembly and is compatible with Yara’s N-Sensor.

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One in Four apply liquid fertilisers

fastcap_esi_liquid_fertilisAccording to a survey conducted at this years Cereals Event, one in four farmers are now using liquid fertiliser.

The poll of farmers growing an average of 663 Ha of crops, also found that almost a quarter (23%) were using Hypro’s FastCap ESI nozzle, making it one of the most popular spray delivery methods.

Popular for two main reasons: ESI’s have six jets for even distribution; and its compact size and fitting onto standard nozzle bodies, Hypro product manager Roger James reported that sales of the ESI nozzle “have gone from strength to strength in the Uk and overseas markets”

And we can report that here at Agratech, the ESI nozzle has been a sell-out in the last few weeks! Our new stock is due any day, so order your ESI nozzles now to avoid disappointment!!

(From Hypro News)