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Roundup Pro Biactive Glyphosate weedkiller and other chemicals

We will soon be selling a full range of Agricultural and Garden chemicals including Roundup Pro Biactive Glyphosate weedkiller.

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  • The active ingredient is Glyphosate, strength 360 grams / litre. This is a professional quality product, used by landscaping and weedkilling contractors, and is 3-times-stronger than most of the Glyphosate weedkillers from garden centres and DIY stores, which are at a concentration of 120g/litre.
  • For control of perennial and annual weeds and thistles.
  • The product needs to be diluted with water, and a 1 litre bottle will cover between 2 – 3,000sq metres depending on the dilution rate required
  • Full instructions for mixing and use are on the label and must be read fully
  • Advance Notice – Holiday shutdown!!!

    Hurrah!!!  We are going on holiday from 21 to 31 August.

    You may continue to order online during this time, but NO ORDERS will be despatched, and no phone calls or emails will be  responded to.

    We have had a very busy and quite stressful year, what with rebuilding the website twiceholiday, due to hositng company failure; and  dealing with a large upturn in business, which is great! But now we need a rest……………

    We trust that you will order in advance of these dates if you already know your requirements, or that you will be patient upon our return!

    NFU’s ‘New Agenda for Farming Conference’

    New Agenda For FarmingThe annual NFU conference, this year themed ‘The New Agenda for Farming’ kicks off in Birmingham next Monday, and upbeat NFU president Peter Kendall is to call on the government to ‘put its money where its mouth is when it comes to farming.’

    Mr Kendall’s slot is directly before DEFRA secretary Hilary Benn, who signalled a more progressive attitude towards farmers when he spoke at last month’s Oxford Farming Conference.

    “There was lots of really good stuff about Oxford,” says Mr Kendall. “What we want to do is pick up on that and set out the agenda we want to see for farming. We want to set out where farming has come from and show where it needs to go.”

    In particular, he highlights Mr Benn’s “no ifs, not buts” Oxford insistence that the government wants British farmers to produce as much food as possible – so long as doing so sustains the environment and safeguards the landscape.

    The government is at last starting to acknowledge the importance of agriculture, believes Mr Kendall, especially when it comes to food security. The view of Britain as a rich country that can buy itself out of trouble is crumbling, he adds.

    “DEFRA is starting to make a lot of noises about food production being important. We want to make sure we have an input into government policy that means farming has a better chance of being successful and thriving.”

    Mr Benn’s speech is not the only sign that the government has finally woken up to the potential of British agriculture. Just before Christmas, the Home Office increased the number of work permits for migrant farm workers by 5000.

    The number of workers entering Britain under the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme had been restricted to 16,250. But the number will rise to 21,250 this year in a bid to overcome a labour shortage that had seen crops left unharvested, states the Farmers Weekly

    The New Agratech Website is live!

    Our new and improved website is now live, at http://www.agratech.co.uk

    We have added lots more product information, like Nozzle output charts and technical specification sheets, all in PDF format so you can download and save on your computer for your future reference!

    By popular request, we now accept payments by PayPal, as well as by all major credit and debit cards.

    The website is still a work in progress, and customer feedback is important to us, so please pay us a visit and give us your thoughts!