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Matabi Polmax Vineyard Duster Sprayer Now Available!

The Matabi Polmax 10Ltr Vineyard Duster Sprayer

This 10 litre Knapsack Style Duster Unit is designed for the application of powder and dust products.

One of the best features of this sprayer is that it’s particularly useful for the application of Sulfur Dust on Vines and Fruit trees, tomatoes, vegetables and roses; and also for ant and insect powder application.

Simple operation of the handle produces and air flow from the rear mounted bellows into which the product is metered. It then travels down the hand held tube onto the target.

The On/Off control also acts as a dosage regulator and the built in agitation device ensures an even flow.

This duster is supplied with a flexible outlet pipe and fan type spreader and two supplementary rigid tubes, giving total reach of 1.5m.

So if you’re looking for a sprayer that’s perfect for applying a product to vines, tomatoes, vegetables, roses or ants, to name but a few things, the Matabi Polmax Duster Sprayer is the perfect solution and is available for immediate FREE delivery from Agratech for only £84.83 exc VAT.