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Telephone Orders – Important News & Change of Practice

This is important information concerning telephone orders from www.agratech.co.uk – minimum £25 order value now applies.

Whilst we are happy to accept your telephone orders, we have noticed a very significant increase Screen shot 2014-07-16 at 11.54.59 in small value orders over the past couple of months.

All orders are great and very welcome, but many recent orders have been for less than £2 including postage charges. It is simply uneconomical, and in our busiest season ever, somewhat disruptive for us to process these orders by telephone.

And so we faced a dilemma – either to increase small parts prices across the board thus impacting upon all customers; or to impose a minimum order value for telephone orders. We have decided on the latter – and so we now only accept telephone orders for £25 or more.  This will enable us to keep small parts prices at current low prices, and will also ensure that all orders are processed more quickly, especially during this peak time. We’ d also like to take this opportunity to remind you that it is much more secure to use the SagePay or online payment system than it is to give your Credit Card details over the telephone.

And unlike many online companies, we do not have an online minimum order (except for account / purchase order customers), and so you can continue to place small orders via the website.

Thanks for your understanding.