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Vegetable Sowing and Growing Table

Courtesy of The Potting Shed, this very handy guide of when to sow and harvest your vegetables. Click here to go to it

Last year we (well actually, I should say our little one – it was her raised bed) had success with cauliflowers and beetroot, although they were teeny! We had a few gooseberries, though not enough for a pie, and a handful of luscious strawberries. Wonder what she might want to grow this year?! Whatever she chooses, we have a whole host of products in our new Garden section that will help!

She’s a demon with a sprayer, too. A Matabi Berry 5 was her object of choice last year and it withstood being pulled and twirled around the garden like a toy, and to her deight, was able to adequately soak any adults in close proximity.

The Potting Shed is a new online magazine offering gardening advice, product reviews and a round-up of the latest industry news and gossip!

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