Goizper IK9 Compression Sprayers – Last Chance To Save 10%

The IK9 Sprayer from Goizper is a 6 litre sprayer that is suitable for harsher products such as disinfectant, degreasing, truckwash etc. For a limited period, save 10% off these sprayers, but only whilst stocks last!

IK 9 Compression Sprayer

Made of special, high resistance materials for use with various chemicals, Viton seals incorporated in the range.

Suitable for a range of applications – disinfection, animal husbandry, degreasing, wallpaper stripping, carpet cleaning, maintenance, diesel, truckwash, etc
Viton seals incorporated in the range. Suitable for a wide range of applications, including Disinfection, Animal Husbandry, Degreasing, Wallpaper Stripping, Carpet Cleaning, Diesel, Truckwash etc.
Strong polypropylene tank with level indicator.
External safety valve with red over-pressure indicator.
Extra two component hose (shiny black outside and grey inside) for use with oils and fuels. Rubber hose for use with acids.
Spares and parts readily available.
Normal Price: £48.74 + vat 
Discount Code: IKOFFER (offer expires 26th September 2011)