New Solo Sprayers and hand operated Spreader

New Product range now on our website, include the Solo range of sprayers.

The Solo range also includes a 9Kg capacity hand operated spreader, ideal for groundsmen, home and amenity use.              

This is also suitable for applying winter salt & grit to footpaths and driveways etc.

The full feature list is:

Part number 421ST

Specifications – Large hopper. Large screw cap. Manual crank. Adjustable strap.

Application – Home, Garden, Contractors, Groundsmen.

Benefits – Easy filling. Protection from dust.

Up to 9kg of granulated matter can be held.

Easy to control distribution.

Properties – Controllable distribution.

Ideal for getting into hard to reach areas.

Consists of fully assembled spreader.

Technical information – Manually operated.

Adjustable volume and spreading direction.

c/w Carrying harness.

Fill volume 9kg.

For more details on the spreader please click here , and you can view the full solo range here.