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Looking for a powered sprayer?

It seems that many of you are looking for powered sprayers this season, with demand very sadly outstripping supply.

Our previous most popular powered sprayers, from Berthoud, the electric backpack and the electric trolley sprayer,  are both currently off the market (withdrawn by the manufacturer), with no return date known; and the versatile and economic Enduramaxx 34L push along sprayer is sadly unavailable until mid May!

In order to meet customer requirements, we have sourced some alternative products that are available for immediate delivery and upon our first inspection, we are impressed with the quality and build standard of these Marolex sprayers.

Of course, we need to do some product testing and some more photographs to show these sprayers in action, but that will have to wait until we are a little less busy!.   In the meantime, you can see more information about the 12 litre battery Knapsack sprayer and the 20 litre cart trolley sprayer   and purchase from the website here!

We will of course make the Berthoud and Enduramaxx Sprayers available for purchase once we have them back in stock!


Poultry and Chicken Vaccine Sprayer

Following numerous enquiries we are pleased to have found a sprayer suitable for the application of Poultry Vaccines.    

Available in a handheld 1.5 litre version and a 5 litre backpack style version, this battery operated sprayer has an operating time of 8 hours.

This sprayer applies small volumes in constant uniform misting and has a choice of 4 nozzles (jets) for varied flow rate and droplet size. The droplet sizes are 70 – 250 Microns, dependant upon your nozzle choice, making it suitable for chicken vaccination, scabies treatments on other livestock and for general disinfectant and insecticide uses.

For more information, Please email [email protected]