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Beat the VAT increase – order now!!

If your sprayers and accessories are for home use, or you are a non vat-registered business, beat the VAT increase on 1 January by ordering now! Your goods will be despatched to you from 4 January.

You can see the full sprayer range by clicking here

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Oops…have you been trying to contact us?!

Message to our customers, due to change of telephone line providers we lost some of our services for a short time, so you may have been unable to contact us on 01706 211399. Any messages that were left in the last week have been lost, and so again we apologise if you have not a call-back from us.

This situation is now under control and you should now be able to reach us, or at least leave us a message.

If you left a message and have not had a reply, please try ringing us again 01706 211399. Or email [email protected] 

You can place orders via the website www.agratech.co.uk

Economic Downturn affects Sprayer Availability!

CP3-ClassicSome Knapsack Sprayer manufacturers will be regretting their decision to decrease production, as suppliers stuggle to find stock to meet customer demand!

Those decisions, made earlier this year in response to the economic downturn, coupled with INCREASED demand for both sprayers and parts, means that many models and their associated parts are in very short supply.

We have had some parts out of stock for over a month now, and with long continental holiday shutdowns, factories are unable to provide any firm dates for replensishment.

We will of course advise any customers who order parts that are out of stock and will suggest alternatives where appropriate.  You are welcome of course to contact us to check availabiltyby emailing us [email protected] and we will do our best to help you!

Berthoud Raptor sprayers’ enhanced operator focus

INCREASED operator comfort and ease of use are the main aims of Berthoud’s new Raptor self-propelled sprayers, the French manufacturer suggests. As reported in Farmers Guardian, this sprayer will be available in the UK from




Part of the Exel Group, Berthoud emphasises that while the Raptor – replacing its Boxer range – it shares the cab and chassis with sister company Tecnoma’s latest Laser Evolution self-propelled machine, the pump, spraying system and boom is unique to its distinctive pale blue sprayers.

You can read more of the features here.