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Cooper Pegler Sprayer Parts Buying Help

We are noticing an increase in incorrectly ordered Cooper Pegler Sprayer parts, which results in delays for you, the customer as you have to re-order the correct items you require.

If you are confused with your Cooper Pegler, before you order your parts, please check which sprayer type you have, as many of the parts – lids, service packs, operating levers etc- are different according to the model.

You can view and download our guide here:

Cooper Pegler Parts Buying Help



Economic Downturn affects Sprayer Availability!

CP3-ClassicSome Knapsack Sprayer manufacturers will be regretting their decision to decrease production, as suppliers stuggle to find stock to meet customer demand!

Those decisions, made earlier this year in response to the economic downturn, coupled with INCREASED demand for both sprayers and parts, means that many models and their associated parts are in very short supply.

We have had some parts out of stock for over a month now, and with long continental holiday shutdowns, factories are unable to provide any firm dates for replensishment.

We will of course advise any customers who order parts that are out of stock and will suggest alternatives where appropriate.  You are welcome of course to contact us to check availabiltyby emailing us [email protected] and we will do our best to help you!

Cooper Pegler Price Increases

cp3-classicCooper Pegler have announced a further wholesale parts price increase, effective from 5 April. This affects all Cooper Pegler Knapsack Sprayers and spare parts, and Maxipro Sprayers.

Where possible, the prices of items will be unchanged, but as we have already absorbed two price increases within the past six months, regrettably most items will be repriced over the next few weeks.

Buy Cooper Pegler Products at current prices now!

New Sprayers Added

maxipro-in-use1Due to popular demand, we now have an extended range of compression and handheld sprayers –  the ever popular Maxipro’s from Cooper Pegler, the Berthoud Elyte series, and  new comers, Matabi! 

These sprayers are ideal for small to medium sized gardens, and for home use, where the capacity of a knapsack sprayer is not required. Great for spot spraying around your garden and vegetable patch!

The sprayers, with capacity of 1 litre – 9 litres, are also ideal if you are working on uneven ground, or simply find it difficult to carry a loaded Backpack sprayer.

You can browse the website www.agratech.co.uk or shortcut to the Maxipro sprayers here, the Matabi range here and the Berthoud’s here!