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Shipping Costs increased

Due to rising prices from Royal Mail and our carrier service providers, we are sadly having to increase the postage and shipping charges on our website www.agratech.co.uk.

We really hate to do this, but we have absorbed a couple of previous price rises, so this time we have had to change our prices to reflect the increases.   parecls

The new prices are effective immediately.



Pesticides, Postage and avoiding problems!

New Regulations introduced by Royal Mail and My Hermes affecting Fertilisers, Weed & Pest Control                           Banned Package

With immediate effect we can no longer send any Weed Killers, Pesticides or products containing Nitrates by Royal Mail, or By My Hermes delivery services.

All pesticides, weedkillers and nitrate containing products can now only be dispatched by carrier delivery services. Whilst we appreciate that some sellers will disregard this change, The Royal Mail has issued stern warnings that any business found posting these items will face prosecution.

Here at Agratech we have found that most customers combine weed killer and a backpack or pressure sprayer purchase, thus paying only one delivery charge, and we recommend that you continue to do so, although of course we are happy to ship stand-alone weed killer purchases, where courier delivery option has been chosen.

We reserve the right to cancel any orders for Weed Killers, Pesticides or other Nitrate containing product where the customer has selected the incorrect postage.

Delivery of trade and industrial chemicals will continue by courier as previously.