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New WonderWeeder in stock now!

New from Hozelock – a perfect tool for quick, simple and effective spot-weeding on lawns, drives, paths and in flower beds!

The lightweight Hozelock WonderWeeder is now in stock just in time for your early Spring gardening. Just add your choice of weedkiller and away you go!

No need to bend down – The upright design allows weeds to be treated and without the need to constantly bend down

Refillable – No wastage as the product is refillable. Fill up with the weed killer of your choice, remembering to follow the chemical supplier’s instructions and dosing ratio guidelines

Easy to measure – The handy dosing cap located in the base of the handle is graduated from 1ml to 5ml to allow accurate measuring of concentrated weed killing solutions. The transparent grey plastic tube has a 300ml capacity.

Push & Go – The weed killer is easily dispensed by pushing down on the ergonomic handle at the top of the Wonderweeder. Depending on the weedkilling solution being used, one application should be sufficient for most weeds, but two is recommended for larger ones.

Accurate Spraying – It offers accurate spraying via the nozzle located within the protective cone. This avoids the accidental spraying of surrounding plants, which can easily happen with traditional sprayers. The 1 metre length enables the treatment of weeds in hard to reach areas

For Safety – The easy-to-twist safety lock mechanism offers peace of mind for when the unit is stored away. For additional safety the Wonderweeder should be stored out of reach of children.

 We first saw this product a few years ago, under a professional sprayer brand, and we are pleased to see that it has now been added to the Hozelock range where it is sure to be a big hit this year.
Order yours now by clicking here, and don’t forget to order your weedkiller at the same time from our selection here.

Pesticides, Postage and avoiding problems!

New Regulations introduced by Royal Mail and My Hermes affecting Fertilisers, Weed & Pest Control                           Banned Package

With immediate effect we can no longer send any Weed Killers, Pesticides or products containing Nitrates by Royal Mail, or By My Hermes delivery services.

All pesticides, weedkillers and nitrate containing products can now only be dispatched by carrier delivery services. Whilst we appreciate that some sellers will disregard this change, The Royal Mail has issued stern warnings that any business found posting these items will face prosecution.

Here at Agratech we have found that most customers combine weed killer and a backpack or pressure sprayer purchase, thus paying only one delivery charge, and we recommend that you continue to do so, although of course we are happy to ship stand-alone weed killer purchases, where courier delivery option has been chosen.

We reserve the right to cancel any orders for Weed Killers, Pesticides or other Nitrate containing product where the customer has selected the incorrect postage.

Delivery of trade and industrial chemicals will continue by courier as previously.


New Range of Feed, Seed & Weed Products Now Available At Agratech

Roundup RTU 5L Pump-Go LRThis season, whether you’re looking for something to feed, weed or seed your lawn, garden or vegetables then look no further than Agratech as we now stock an extensive range of products that are ideal for any gardening activity.

If you need weedkiller the you can choose from a large selection including Roundup Gel, Roundup Ultra 3000, Verdone Extra and Pathclear.

For plant feeding we have a selection of organic products including Miracle-Gro Organic All Purpose Plant Food and Miracle-Gro Gro Your Own Organic Choice Fruit and Vegetable Food.

FM Multi

If you need seed then as well as an extensive choice of grass and lawn seed we also have the newly launched Miracle-Gro Flower Magic Packs in a choice of Multi Colour, Blue and White and Pink and White.

So when you think of gardening products, think of Agratech – you name it, we should have it! We’ve just listed a very small selection of the range of products we now stock so please do visit us and have a look around.

Roundup Biactive & Roundup Pro Biactive Weedkiller

New to our EBay shop –

1 Litre bottles of Roundup Pro Biactive Glyphosate weedkiller.

  • The active ingredient is Glyphosate, strength 360 grams / litre. This is a professional quality product, used by landscaping and weedkilling contractors, and is 3-times-stronger than most of the Glyphosate weedkillers from garden centres and DIY stores, which are at a concentration of 120g/litre.
  • For control of perennial and annual weeds and thistles.
  • The product needs to be diluted with water, and a 1 litre bottle will cover between 2 – 3,000sq metres depending on the dilution rate required
  • Full instructions for mixing and use are on the label and must be read fully
  • See here for more details


    also  5 Ltr Bottles of Roundup Biactive Weedkiller – see here for more detailsRoundup-Pro-1-Ltr.