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New Sprayers Added

maxipro-in-use1Due to popular demand, we now have an extended range of compression and handheld sprayers –  the ever popular Maxipro’s from Cooper Pegler, the Berthoud Elyte series, and  new comers, Matabi! 

These sprayers are ideal for small to medium sized gardens, and for home use, where the capacity of a knapsack sprayer is not required. Great for spot spraying around your garden and vegetable patch!

The sprayers, with capacity of 1 litre – 9 litres, are also ideal if you are working on uneven ground, or simply find it difficult to carry a loaded Backpack sprayer.

You can browse the website www.agratech.co.uk or shortcut to the Maxipro sprayers here, the Matabi range here and the Berthoud’s here!