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Intelli-Spray Remote Control Retractable Hose Reel Sprayers

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pgo8CQTupV4]NEW PRODUCT RANGE! From Quik Corp, USA comes the Intelli-Spray retractable hose reel sprayer systems, ideal for large areas to increase the quality and efficiency of your spraying; cut spraying time; save on manpower and material costs!

Various systems are available, dual and single reel. More information can be found here

Intelli-Spray retractable hose reel spayer systems are now available via Agratech.co.uk

Agratech on EBay

The Agratech EBay Sprayer Shop is now open, stocking a small selection of our Berthoud, Cooper Pegler and Matabi Sprayers.

Prices are the same as our main Agratech Website, offering great deals to hobby gardeners and professionals alike!121010

Cooper Pegler Price Increases

cp3-classicCooper Pegler have announced a further wholesale parts price increase, effective from 5 April. This affects all Cooper Pegler Knapsack Sprayers and spare parts, and Maxipro Sprayers.

Where possible, the prices of items will be unchanged, but as we have already absorbed two price increases within the past six months, regrettably most items will be repriced over the next few weeks.

Buy Cooper Pegler Products at current prices now!